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Saturday, 16 April 2011

My love for Fat Alan...

Fat Alan is my cat.
He is chubby, and stupid, and scared of most things.
He hates the noise of plastic bags, sudden movements and being ignored.
I think he might have hypervocalisation.
He makes alot of noise when he isnt being given enough attention, and sometimes when he is.
My friends have pictures of their babies, or boyfriends as their screen saver on their phones, I have a picture of Fat Al.
I like to dress him in clothes, then show the pictures to people when I first meet them and watch the mixture of pity/fear on their faces.
He has a tee shirt that has a tick box on the back that says eat, sleep, poop. He is too fat for it now.
I got it from the pound shop.
I also LOVE the pound shop thats a new post entirely.

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